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About Us

Rita’s Italian Ice is the first and only Italian Ice and Frozen Custard concept in the Philippines, with over 600 stores in the U.S.

Life is all about the little things and Rita’s serves as a reminder for everyone to savor the sweet, little moments that make life great and to celebrate every day with the people they care about. We want to encourage our guests to cherish and enjoy everyday moments; not just holidays and occasions. It brings memories to achievements and celebrations. It’s a reminder that a “bad day” is only a day and typically made better by Rita’s. It’s what happiness means to you – you decide! It represents real life. It can happen any day, anytime, anywhere… planned or unexpected. It’s life… celebrated!

By celebrating the joy found in these moments and encouraging them to share that happiness, Rita’s creates a warm, authentic connection with our guests.


Ice + Custard + Happiness = Rita’s

The Rita’s experience should be something special for our guests. A chance to be carefree, to escape the pressures of everyday life, to take a moment for themselves and enjoy a great big, fresh, delicious serving of happiness. With plenty of whipped cream! That’s why our Franchisees and Treat Teams stop at nothing to ensure each Guest enjoys the freshest, highest quality treats—served quickly and with a smile.


Our Promise to You, Our Guests

At Rita’s, “Ice, Custard, Happiness” is our way of life—and a steadfast promise to our valued Guests. We sincerely believe that each person who visits a Rita’s is a Guest and should be treated like one. You won’t find customers at our stores—only Rita’s Guests!

We are dedicated to providing each Guest with a fresh, delicious, customized treat while delivering superior service and a dose of happiness. To that end, Rita’s adheres to strict product standards. All of our Ice is made fresh daily at each and every location. To ensure you receive only the freshest product available, our Freshness Policy requires that our Italian Ice and Cream Ices be discarded if not sold within 36 hours of being made.

Because the freshness and quality of our Ice is paramount, we aren’t able to offer all of our 70 plus flavors each day. However, we do rotate our flavors to create as much variety as possible and ensure there is always a flavor that appeals to each Guest’s taste buds. Some flavors may appear in the flavor rotation more frequently due to popular demand.

We encourage you to check our website or call your local Rita’s for the flavors of the day.